Constriction / Construction

Alba Giménez. Art Jove 2016 research project. Mentoring process: Oriol Vilanova
30.11 / 2016 / 19h 00
Espai taller Macba
Sala d'Art Jove_Constriction_2016

Constriction / Construction 

Alba Giménez
Art Jove 2016 research project
Mentoring process: Oriol Vilanova


Alba Giménez starts with the piece (Ir. T. no. 513) zuloa by Ibon Aranberri and then engages in a reflection on how a poetics is articulated by the constriction and boundaries of the visible and representable. The works consists in an action that the artist performed in 2003, when sheused a metallic structure to cover the entrance to Iritegi cave in Guipuzcoa. The meaning of the piece lies in the very act of deprivation, in which the space is closed and ceases being an interior which can be entered and discovered with our own experience to become instead a territory which we can only project and travel through in our imaginations. The impossibility of conquering the natural element may act as a metaphor of the fact that our attempts to understand, grasp and systematise the world around us are always condemned to fail.
The presentation will consist in a dialogue with Alicia Kopf focusing on her project, Seal Sounds Under the Floor, and the artist Oriol Vilanova, who was her mentor in this research project. 

MACBA, in conjunction with the Sala d’Art Jove of the Government of Catalonia, presents the research project chosen in the Art Jove 2016 call for proposals, Constriction / Construction
Sala d’Art Jove presents their 2016 collaborations with the art centres of Catalonia via the SALA D'ART JOVE ONLINE.