Lydia Debeer a Paratext nº 8

Programa d’intercanvis HISK – Hangar – Sala d’Art Jove
02.03 / 2016 / 19h 00
Sala d'Art Jove_Paratext_2016

Lydia Debeer a Paratext nº 8

Dimecres 2 de març, 19.00h
Sala Ricson (Hangar)
Emilia Coranty, 16. Barcelona

Lydia Debeer presents her work at Hangar’s Paratext 8, along with Azahara Cerezo, Ali Yerdel, Isamit Morales and Iván Paz.
Lydia Debeer is the first artist hosted by Hangar and Sala d'Art Jove within the 2016 exchange programme with HISK (Higher Institute of Fine Arts) of Ghent.
In 2016, two artists from Hangar and two artists from Sala d’Art Jove will travel to Ghent for one month with the goal of joining the Hisk training programme. In parallel, four artists from Hisk will stay in Barcelona for one month of the year to participate in the activities and spaces of Hangar and Sala d’Art Jove.


Lydia Debeer
An architectural viewpoint seems to prevail in Lydia Debeer’s films. They reveal not only a symbolic way of viewing architecture but also a more non-anthropomorphic way of viewing both cinema and life itself. Debeer shows us other viewpoints of what we thought was strictly human, in this case emotionally-laden buildings and landscapes which gain a vantage point over the scene and the people moving through them.