Pedro Moraes a Paratext nº 9

HISK – Hangar – Sala d’Art Jove exchange programme
06.04 / 2016 / 19h 00
Sala d'Art Jove_Paratext_2016

Padro Moraes presents his work at Hangar’s Paratext 9, along with Youngmi KIM Befaco and Ilaro.
Pedro Moraes is the second artist hosted by Hangar and Sala d'Art Jove within the 2016 exchange programme with HISK (Higher Institute of Fine Arts) of Ghent.
In 2016, two artists from Hangar and two artists from Sala d’Art Jove will travel to Ghent for one month with the goal of joining the Hisk training programme. In parallel, four artists from Hisk will stay in Barcelona for one month of the year to participate in the activities and spaces of Hangar and Sala d’Art Jove.

Pedro Moraes
Pedro Moraes questions the political and social forces that are latent and implicit in the world around us. Without ascribing to any single style, format or medium, Moraes approaches each exhibition project with a keen awareness of its context, history and the dormant relations that are activated.