Miopia augmentada

Experimental training programme
20.09 — 23.09 / 2016 / 15h 30
Arts Santa Mònica / Sala d'Art Jove
Sala d'Art Jove_miopia_2016

Four intensive days to activate a polyhedral approach to contemporary artistic practice. The curatorial team of Segueixi els rastres com si fos miop (Follow the trail as if you were nearsighted) suggests a set of avenues of action and reflection with which to examine some of the most salient aspects of artistic practice today: the issue of research and education, orality and narrativity, the discredit of cool and the rise of folk, criticism of creativity and institutional criticism.
A broad range of contributors allow both theoretical and practical approaches to be used in order to generate debates and go beyond some commonplaces. They include: Efrén Álvarez, Martí Anson, Cristian Añó / Sinapsis, Alex Brahim, Paco Chanivet, Pilar Cruz, Laia Estruch, Antonio Gagliano, Àlex Gifreu, Ariadna Guiteras, Elisabet Roselló, Judit Vidiella / Col·lectivaccions.
Miopia augmentada (Augmented nearsightedness) is a training programme spearheaded by the Sala d’Art Jove and Arts Santa Mònica which is targeted at all interested students, producers and individuals who want to experiment with new perspectives in the development of works of art, curation, education and other kinds of cultural mediation.
Avenues of action
Exterminar el cool (Exterminating cool). Exercises in anti-creativity. Creativity and innovation are the keys to the neoliberal corporate argument. Companies, advertising and the discourse of entrepreneurship have appropriated creativity, although its radicalness or the implications are never questioned as it burrows into the depoliticised, predetermined margins of the Company Plan. Exterminar el cool (Exterminating cool) is a proposal by Pilar Cruz, exhibition curator, cultural manager and art critic, in conjunction with Elisabet Rosselló, trend analyst and audience researcher, and Ariadna Guiteras, performer.
La botifarra. The Catalan word botifarra has many different meanings: it is a kind of sausage to be eaten, a traditional card game, a gesture made with the arms that is insulting, and the name of a singer from Xàtiva. All of these botifarras may well be terms that define a work of art: they encompass the object, the relationship with the audience, the provocative concept and the artist. Tradition, politics, collective and action. Martí Anson, a visual artist, suggests a botifarra championship with a prize in conjunction with Àlex Gifreu, a graphic designer and founder of the Bis studio.
L’estratègia de Mr. Magoo (Mr. Magoo’s strategy). This avenue of action is based on exploring the possibilities of orality, narration and distortion as elements that organise discourse. The work will be based on readings proposed by the participants, life stories and the appropriation of a variety of social and elements from outside the practice of art. The purpose is to generate an exquisite corpse in record time, an articulated chain with links from different origins and intentionalities. L’estratègia de Mr. Magoo (Mr. Magoo’s strategy) is a proposal by Alex Brahim, independent curator, in conjunction with the artists Paco Chanivet and Laia Estruch.
Construeix el rastre fins que et puguin seguir (Construct the trail until itheycan follow you). Since the turn of the century, it is common to find artists and curators involved in developing educational activities. While the shift towards education can be interpreted as stemming from museums’ need to attract more visitors, it can also be interpreted as an opportunity to rethink art culture itself. Cristian Añó, a member of Sinapsis, and Judit Vidiella, a teacher, researcher and expert in cultural pedagogies, suggest a series of dynamics to reflect on educational projects developed by artists.
Diagramàtica dolenta (Bad diagramming) is a workshop exploring the expanded and lesser-known uses of diagrams, instruments for producing knowledge that have been the target of special attention from the art community in recent years. The workshop suggests activating a series of paradigmatic examples, as well as a battery of exercises aimed at grasping the potentialities and possible ways that this tool can be distorted. Diagramàtica dolenta (Bad diagramming) is a proposal by visual artist Antonio Gagliano in conjunction with fellow visual artist Efrén Álvarez.



Sala d'Art Jove_miopia_2016
Sala d'Art Jove_miopia_2016
Sala d'Art Jove_miopia_2016