Sala d’Art Jove Education Programme 2017

Studio visits
16.05 / 2017 / 01h 31
Sala d'Art Jove / Macba
Sala d'Art Jove_formació_2017

Sala d’Art Jove Education Programme 2017
The 2017 Sala d’Art Jove Education Programme is based on a series of studio visits led by different art industry professionals to call on the artists in the Creation category starting late April. It is a series of individualised work sessions revolving around aspects related to the projects that were chosen with this year’s Call for Proposals. 

The studio visits will be led by: Huiwai Chu (Macba), Patricia Dauder, Alicia Escobio (Macba), Alexandra Laudo, Pablo Martínez (Macba), Mabel Palacín, Maria Antonia Perelló (Macba), Myriam Rubio (Macba) and Francesc Ruiz.

The artists participating in the programme are: Paula Artés, Maria Alcaide, Shani Bar, Clàudia del Barrio, Joana Capella, Emma Casadevall, Roc Domingo, Albert Gironès, Gen Ilda and Cayetano Truyols, Daneil Moreno and Aldo Urbano and Helena Vinent

The programme is complemented by monitoring the output that the 2017 Art Jove mediation teams made up of  Irati Irulegi and Quim Packard, respectively, are simultaneously in the process of producing.