Machirulos y siluros

Berta Canela. Exhibition of the 2016 Art Jove Nature and landscape project
05.03 / 2017 / 12h 00
Lo Pati

Machirulos y siluros (Macho Men and Catfish)
Berta Canela

Lo Pati Centre d'Art in the Terres de l'Ebre, in conjunction with the Sala d'Art Jove of the government of Catalonia, present the Nature and Landscape project chosen for the 2016 Art Jove Call for Proposals.

5 March at 12 noon

5 March to 26 March, 2017

Lo Pati
C. Gran Capità, 38-40
43870 Amposta


In 1974, Ronald Lorkowsky illegally released 32 young catfish from the Danube River into the Mequinensa reservoir (Teruel, Spain) to encourage them to be fished. Twenty years later, Oliver Portrat completed this introduction with another release of 200 specimens from the Po River (Italy). With these two "manly men”, macho catfish fishing tourism got underway in the Delta de l'Ebre, a phenomenon organised and promoted both by the region itself and internationally as an economic activity. International agencies organise stays for fishing lovers to catch these fish, which are inedible because of their excess mercury content.

Machirulos y siluros (Macho Men and Catfish) appropriates the archival trove of images that these fishing practices have generated. Berta Canela focuses on the triumphal scene in which the male poses next to his catch, which gives rise to the idea of issuing postcards which influence this advertising claim based on the systematic repetition of macho attitudes.

The opening of the exhibition dovetails with the first of Los Vermuts del Pati (Lo Pati Appetisers), with the participation of the DJ Amarantis.

Machirulos y siluros (Macho Men and Catfish) is a project by Berta Canela made in conjunction with Lo Pati Centre d’Art – Terres de l’Ebre as part of the category of Intervention in Nature and Landscape in the Art Jove Call for Proposals.

Mentoring process: Jordi Mitjà


Sala d’Art Jove presents its 2016 collaborations with the art centres of Catalonia through the SALA D'ART JOVE NETWORK.

Sala d'Art Jove_ Machirulos y siluros_2017
Sala d'Art Jove_ Machirulos y siluros_2017