El olor de una montaña por dentro dentro

Miquel Cañellas. Art Jove 2017 publication project. Mentoring process: Lúa Coderch
15.05 / 2017 / 01h 48
La Panera / Sala d'Art Jove

El olor de una montaña por dentro (The Scent of the Inside of a Mountain)

This is a publishing project which suggests a series of reflections on communication via the Internet and distance relationships. Based on the Internet correspondence that the artist engages in with his partner in Montreal, the project focuses on the means and processes of communication both today and in the past. Specifically, the project takes historical moments from the Spanish Civil War, the Franco regime and the Democratic Transition as a contrasting backdrop which allows him to deploy a poetics of communication that heightens the project’s capacity for reverberation.

El olor de una montaña por dentro is part of a collaboration between Centre d'Art La Panera and Sala d'Art Jove in 2017.

Project chosen in Publication category within the 2017 Art Jove Call for Proposals, with mentoring by Lúa Coderch.