Emma Casadevall.Art Jove 2016 publication project. Mentoring process: Antoni Jove
06.03 — 31.12 / 2015 / 11h 28
La Panera / Sala d'Art Jove

Vallcartografia explores different cartographic possibilities around Barcelona’s Vallcarca neighbourhood from a critical stance towards the exercise of power implicit in these practices, associating them with a process of urban speculation. Starting with the concept of heterotopia, this work also attempts to map some of the resistances that appear there, applying a macro narrative to a micro context, from what is local to what is global, situating cartography as a force that produces subjectivities.
Centre d’Art La Panera de Lleida, in conjunction with the Sala d’Art Jove of the Government of Catalonia, presents the  publication project chosen in the Art Jove 2015 call for proposals, Vallcartografia.
Mentoring process: Antoni Jove.