Traven/ Grothendieck

David Ferragut and Isabel Barios. Art Jove 2017 research project. Mentoring process: Eloy Fernández Porta
09.05 / 2017 / 01h 33
Macba / Sala d'Art Jove
Sala d'Art Jove_Grothendieck_2017

Traven/ Grothendieck

This is an audiovisual research project around the question of the disappearance of the subject. The contrast between the processes of disappearance, both physical and literary, of two historical characters, Traven and Grothendieck, serves as the pretext for inquiring into the lights and shadows of the project of constructing the modern subject. In this sense, the notion of the “twilight subject” is suggested: all subjects that are born go directly to their end; they bear extinction written on their very skin. The project also points to diverse avenues of cinematographic reflections which stem from the attempt to represent absence. How to represent disappearance? From whom does one disappear? Is it possible to imagine an image that does not show? Does the image conceal anything?

Traven/ Grothendieck is part of a collaboration between Macba, Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona and Sala d'Art Jove in 2017.

Project chosen in the Reseach category within the 2017 Art Jove Call for Proposals, with mentoring by Eloy Fernández Porta.