El Taller del Lector

Cristina Garriga and Julia Doz. Art Jove 2017 education project. Mentoring process: Fito Conesa
15.05 / 2017 / 01h 22
ACVic / Sala d'Art Jove
Sala d'Art Jove_lector_2017

El Taller del Lector (The Reader’s Studio)

Within the context of public libraries, we propose a collaborative project between their users and artists, curators or thinkers to explore the potential of the creative-interpretative practice of reading through the exchange of thoughts, knowledge and experiences. This project seeks to foster the role of libraries as spaces of creative reflection by activating reading as a collective artistic practice which seeks autonomous reasoning.

El Taller del Lector is part of a collaboration between ACVic Centre d'Arts Contemporànies and Sala d'Art Jove in 2017.

Project chosen in Education category within the 2017 Art Jove Call for Proposals, with mentoring by Fito Conesa.