Education in relation to the practice of art is one of the factors most promoted by the work done at the Sala d'Art Jove. In addition to the importance attached to training at the facility, education is one of ways used to develop innovative working methods applied to artistic practice and cultural production. Education is viewed not so much as an opportunity for dissemination but rather as a venue for collaboration between players and the collective production of knowledge and experimentation.
Sala d'Art Jove fosters experimental educational projects through its annual call in addition to producing specific projects with which it creates partnerships between the cultural producers and artists selected in the call and a range of educators, schools and youth groups. Over recent years and through the projects that have taken place, we have created a network of collaborations which are being consolidated and which especially includes secondary schools, art schools and universities.
The education part of the Art Jove call is currently run in partnership with the ACVIC Centre d’Arts Contemporànies.