Maniobres d’Evasió (Evasive Moves)

Isabel Barios Ibars and Miriam C. Cabeza. Art Jove 2015 education project. Mentoring process: Cristian Añó
06.03 — 31.12 / 2015 / 12h 50
ACVic / Sala d'Art Jove
Sala d'Art Jove_maniobres d'evasió_2015

Maniobres d’Evasió

With a spatial and social study of the primary care centre, this project aims to view artistic interventions as tools of mediation in healthcare contexts. In this way, it seeks to analyse the spaces and relations established there, as well as to question their benefits and shortcomings. The Evasive Moves resulting from this question will become devices meant to reconnect primary care centres with their original definition.
ACVic, in conjunction with the Sala d’Art Jove of the Government of Catalonia, presents the cultural mediation projects project chosen in the Art Jove 2015 call for proposals, Maniobres d’Evasió.
Mentoring process: Cristian Añó.